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On this page we will explain why this project is an important scientific addition to the knowledge of mankind.

  In the early spring of 1994 the widely acknowleged and beloved British biologist Thomas Beacon died, leaving his family grieving over his death, and leaving the scientific world with a collection of private notebooks in which he, in his spare time, theorized and researched the subject matter of this presentation: the presence or absence of gene D2433 on chromosome16 in humans and primates.
It wasn't until 1998 when the internationally acclaimed biology magazine Ecce Homo presented some of Beacon's theories from these notebooks, about the origins of language and human speech. This spawned the interest of The Somniloquy Institute, a new and relatively controversial organization with a keen interest in language and its implications in modern society.

  And so The Missing Gene Project, an hommage to the life and work of Thomas Beacon (1927 - 1994), was born. The purpose of this project is to help the world to understand why we, the human species, can speak, while animals cannot. And how this evolutionary 'mutation' (according to Beacon) has taken place. The answer can be found in our genes: the inherited characteristics of each individual that lay on our chromosomes and form our unique inherited characteristics.
  This presentation is also a call for your contribution: whith this application you will be able to test your DNA at this very moment! If you carefully follow the instructions, the result of the test will be given to you after a couple of minutes. The Somniloquy Institute developed this software (D2433scan©) to support the Missing Gene Project, and to continue the important work of Thomas Beacon. The test result will be stored in a world wide databank and if desired you can print out a copy for your own records.

  We hope that you will enjoy this free service by The Somniloquy Institute. This special web presentation at the WORM.salon in Rotterdam on The Somniloquy Institute's homepage is an upbeat and functionality test for a 5-year tour and gathering of information worldwide. We thank you for your interest and cooperation.

right: Sir Thomas Richard Beacon, two months before his tragic accident in 1994  

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