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Instead of presenting merely an ordinary list of links you can find anywhere on the internet, we will give you the opportunity to rate them. The links as you will find here now are in random order*, but when enough votes have been given, we will create a Pinocchio Files Web Sites Top Ten. If you think a web site is worthy enough to feature in the Pinocchio Files Web Site Top Ten, check its checkbox on the right side and submit your vote. You can check as much links as you want.
If you think your web site, or a web site you know should feature in this list, you can submit the URL at the bottom of this page. Don't be shy!
* Although the links have been pre-screened, we take no responsibility for their contents.

new! GigaBrother Obviously, the Pinocchio Files' big brother... but what is it?

new! Adolf Hitler's Original Artworks An informative web site on Adolf Hitler's original art, as published in the Military Trader. Includes an eloquent sketch of pittoresque Rotterdam before he had it bombed. Women in prison need love too. Honestly.

FBI Home Page From the people who believe in what they are talking about.

Access Manson Who believes in what he says.

new! White Crow Society They believe everything you are saying . . . or seeing. For any kind of paranormal crisis.

Serial killers in their own words Nobody believes what they are saying. Dr. Jeffrey McDonald Good design & useful information.

Killer Fonts Handwriting of famous murderers.

An Occultist Cop The Police Officer's Internet Directory : the biggest, the best.

Police Partners Off Duty Links page. Strickly off-duty.

The Stephen W. Terrell Web Site

Anti-Defamation League Here you can download an Internet Hatefilter!

Terry Fiene's Home Page Sherrif Terry really lays it on the line !

Occult Crime Satan is among us. No really.

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance Not like any other religious web site.

Database of Lies The world's largest repository of lies. A WINNER ! ! !

Butch West's home page The truth is out there.

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices The largest collection of medical chicanery and mayhem ever assembled under one roof.

Mississauga Import Motivational posters.

Verbal Judo Institute, Inc. Wham! Splat!

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