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 Most Popular Articles from the Pinocchio Files
new! Revealing Body Language by Mary Melissa Braun
Discover how your body language exposes even the most cunning lie. A standard psychological assesment technique used by police in interrogation, but also very useful information for job interviews and exposing lying family members. Lots of educational pics.
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new! The Secret of Reverse Speech by Dr. Paul Brennan
As we speak consciously, the brain is generating messages arising from the unconscious. These messages occur constantly throughout language and can be heard very clearly at least every 10 to 15 seconds by simply playing a recording of normal speech in reverse! Read what celebrities are really telling us!
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The Sores of Crime by Sherrif Al Washington
"As you look at a baby only a few months old, it seems impossible that such a child could gradually be transformed, over the years, into a criminal who would perhaps, some day, murder you." A heartfelt stance against Statism.
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Sex, Lies and Feminism by Peter Douglas Zohrab
Chapter 3 of Zohrab's 'The Millennium of Man': "If you think that men are bad and women are good, and women are always victims when heterosexual sexual activity takes place, and rape is always the man's fault, then you should read no further. This chapter is not for you." Do women lie when they say "No"?
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Why People Lie by John J. Busak
A reputable psychiater summarizes in plain words why most people have good reasons to lie. Dr. Bush is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Neuropsychiatry Center at the University of New Delhi.
Click here for file 2261TSIF189.pf

The Bible Never Lies ! by Butch West
A Kansas City police officer calls upon the Bible to defend his heterosexuality. The comments in italics are added by him.
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