contr. C.A. Noble:
Freud is a fraud

  Your psychoanalyst
is telling you lies!


by: Chris Noble M.D.

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"I can't help being convinced that my dear fellow men, with few exceptions, are worthless." Sigmund Freud

Freud's contempt for his patients
Freud's theories and practice can be attacked not only for his ideas and methods, but for his arrogance and contempt for his patients and colleagues. For example the famous couch, which has become the symbol of Freudian psychoanalysis, was not used by the master to help the patient relax. Freud explained it this way: "I cannot put up with being stared at by other people for eight hours a day (or more)". It is tempting to apply the same kind of wild speculative interpretation of Freud's methods that he applied to everyone else's behavior.
For Freud, nothing is as it seems. Everything is a symbol waiting to be interpreted. Thus, one might say that Freud laid his patients down so he could be above them, could dominate them, Lord it over them. He himself sat erect while his patients lay limp. It was subtle, but he was raping them, taking from them their innocence, using them for his own pleasure. It was his shame, his fear of losing face, that kept him from facing his patients.
Speculation and make-believe
Speculation was and is at the heart of psychoanalytic theory and practice. However, unlike scientific speculation, which leads to testable hypotheses and controlled experiments, psychoanalysis was developed mainly by unscientific, if not anti-scientific, minds. One searches in vain among the analysts for any semblance of the typical concerns and attitudes of scientists. There is no concern for testing their claims, which are put forth dogmatically rather than tentatively. Skepticism about their work is rare; bravado and bold assertions are common. Debate and argument with critics is acrimonious and fruitless. Yet, their influence was widespread. Art, literature, philosophy, religion, history; what discipline was not influenced by Freudian notions? Who did not emerge from college in the sixties and seventies "knowing" that repression explained everything and that the unconscious is the gateway to the secrets of the universe? 
Freud's notorious couch in his Bergasse residence in Vienna
Freud's 'brilliance'
Freud taught us that the unconscious mind is a storehouse of repressed memories and that behavior, like dreams, must be treated as being symbolic. Furthermore, he taught that everything has meaning and the job of the analyst of the mind is to decipher the patient's thoughts, speech, dreams, and actions. Early on he imagined that mental disorders were due to childhood sexual abuse. Later he imagined that they were due to repressed memories of seeing or hearing adults engaging in various forms of sexual activity. He would not treat the severely mentally ill because he thought they were resistant to psychoanalysis, but he would not hesitate to explain severe mental illness.
Schizophrenia, for example, was caused by unresolved feelings of homosexuality. His evidence for his theories and practices came from the insights he gained by seeing his patients, who, for the most part, consisted of middle class Viennese women suffering from "hysteria." His imagination was his only check in reality. Nothing resembling a sense of the need for a scientific methodology issues from his pen. All is speculation and interpretation put forth as dogmatic fact. He was so brilliant that he could examine a single case, even at a distance, and declare that to understand one male paranoid is to understand them all. No generalization was too sweeping or too grand for the master. Freud was a guru, not a model scientist.


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