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Reverse Speech

  If you want to know what people really tell you...
...record their statements!


by: Dr. Robert Paul Brennan

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"Reverse Speech is a discovery, made by Australian Researcher David John Oates, of a new form of communication that has the ability to expose liars and uncover a deeper truth and meaning behind what we are actually saying. As we speak consciously, the brain is generating messages arising from the unconscious. These messages occur constantly throughout language and can be heard very clearly at least every 10 to 15 seconds by simply playing a recording of normal speech in reverse. Oates, highly influenced by the language theories of the reknown American author and Reverse Speech pioneer William S. Burroughs, investigated the possibilities and implications of Reverse Speech and had the courage to share his findings with an audience of sceptics."

The theory of Reverse Speech
(1) Human speech has two disctinctive yet complementary functions and modes. The Overt mode is spoken forwards and is primarily under conscious control. The Covert mode is spoken backward and is not under conscious control. The backward mode of speech occurs simultaneously with the forward mode and is a reversal of the forward speech sounds.

(2) These two modes of speech, forward and backward, are dependent upon each other and form an integral part of human communication. One mode cannot be fully understood without the other mode. In the dynamics of interpersonal communication, both modes of speech combined communicate the total psyche of the person, conscious as well as unconscious.

(3) Covert speech develops before Overt speech. From science research programs we know that children speak backwards before they do forwards. Then, as forward speech commences, the two modes of speech gradually combine into one, forming an overall bi-level communication process.

Technological description of Reverse Speech
Reverse Speech is another form of human communication that is automatically generated by the human brain. It occurs every time we speak and is imbedded backwards into the sounds of our speech. This previously undiscovered function of the mind is the mind's own independant voice speaking from the deepest regions of consciousness.
This form of communication can be heard if human speech is recorded and played backwards. Once every five or ten seconds very clear and precise phrases occur. If the forward language is English then these phrases will be in English and they will usually be grammatically correct. They are very quick and fast and are often hidden in the high tones of speech. For this reason speech reversals are very easily missed by most researchers.

Reverse speech is the voice of truth and it is complementary with forward speech. The two modes occur simultaneously yet are formed in different areas of the mind. Simply, forward speech is from the left brain and Reverse Speech is from the right brain.
If a lie is spoken forwards, the truth may be spoken backwards. Any thought that is on a person's mind has the potential to appear in Reverse Speech. These thoughts include all activities in all regions of mind, ninety five percent of which are below consciousness. Thus Reverse Speech can describe unconscious subjects such as personality patterns and behavioral agenda, it can reveal hidden memory and experiences, and it can also describe the state of the physical body. At the deepest levels of human consciousness, Reverse Speech also describes the state of the human soul and our relationship with God.


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