contr. : D.D. Cunningham
How to Nail a Pervert

  Retired police officer shares with us
the tricks of selling a confession


by: Donnie Cunningham

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"When I conducted interviews and interrogations on the job, doing some home work beforehand often made conducting the interrogation easier. While many cops pride themselves on their ability to do "cold" interviews, most agree that it far easier if they know something about the criminal. By knowing facts about your suspect's likes and dislikes, you can either fake similarities between the two of you, or fake it enough to pretend that you are really liking him."

The case
A basic psychological principle is this: criminals like people who are most similar to themselves. My gain is that if a suspect perceives me as a nice guy, he is more likely to spill his guts. Gaining confessions in this way is a piece of cake, since you have your information already in hand and can brush up on the act you want to do in advance.
But what to do when a crime has just occurred and you are responsible for the immediate investigation while at the scene? Or worse still, you could be ordered to conduct the interrogation by a supervisor who doesn't understand shit about criminals. You can still triumph and obtain confessions in cases like this, but you have to be real smart. By observing the criminal's behaviour, a sympathetic attitude and a display of confidence on your part, what might appear to be a hopeless case can become a successful interview. The following is a true experience that might mirror situations other officers may encounter in the future.
Larry and I were as un-alike as any two people could be: I was a handsome cop in my thirties, and he was an ugly child molester in his sixties. . . and like all cops, the one creature that truly makes me sick is an ugly child molesting pervert. Anyone who has ever worked in investigations before can tell you that they hate the sound of their pager, especially if they are on call at the time. However, there are some sick crimes that you don't mind coming into work for. So when I was paged on my way home one night, and was told that there had been a sexual battery involving a juvenile victim, I didn't mind responding at all. 

When I arrived, I found that the situation was messier than I had imagined. The female victim was extremely young (about 10) and a retard. The only information we had was that the mother's live-in boyfriend had been sleeping on the living room couch, when the girl had walked over and unzipped his pants. The child then began masturbating the guy, who woke up and wondered what was the hell was going on. He did two smart things: he called the police, and then he asked the little girl where she had learned to do such dirty things. The little girl stated that "Larry" had taught her.
We found out that Larry had not had contact with the girl for the last year, and that the abuse had probably occurred within the last two years. Beyond that, we only knew that the perverse acts occurred in the house's bathroom when no one else was around, and that the acts consisted only of fellatio upon Larry by the girl. With no physical evidence to rely upon, and a victim who could not make a sound statement, we were in sad shape. The only solution was to try for a interview with Larry, and hope the maggot would confess.


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