Enjoy the high quality art of our police members!
curator: Michael Devries
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"In my work as a curator in the Modern Art Department at the Boulder National Museum it never occurred to me that people like policemen and women were capable of producing high quality works of art. When I was asked to make a selection for this web site I was sceptical. But after reviewing the entries I had to admit that all my prejudices disappeared immediately."

Mark MacPhee (Austin, Texas)

  TITLE : Deerslayer
MEDIA : Acrylics on canvas
PRICE : $200

Mark is inspired by : Nature & American history

Hello, I am Mark MacPhee, 42 years old, single. My hobbies are: art, poetry, fishing, mountain climbing and motorcycles. I have a nice place of my own (a small ranch) and two dogs and a cat. I hope you like my painting.

Gary Harmon (Denver, Colorado)
TITLE : "Mike" and "Peter"
MEDIA : Pastels
PRICE : $25 a piece

Gary is inspired by : The human body and poetry

As a kid, I used to watch my grandfather paint. I could look at him paint for hours. At 32, I started to take art classes. Now you can find me in my studio every moment I can spare. In july I will have my first solo exhibition.


Mary-Jane Todd (Los Angeles, California)

  TITLE : Pants on Fire
MEDIA : Mixed media

Mary-Jane is inspired by : Everything that I can think of

It is harder to be a police woman than to be an artist. That is what most people think. But art is a particular challenge that demands a lot of perceverance and creative energy. I try. I like to paint. When I'm not arresting criminals :-)


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