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Here you will find a selection of gifts for law officers we found on the internet. Warning: nor suitable for children under the age of 4.

Police Vehicle

  ITEM : Ordinary police vehicle
DESCRIPTION : Police car with flashing lights and siren. Batteries not included
PRICE : $24

Cop Bendos
ITEM : Assorted bendos
DESCRIPTION : Easy to bend police officers. Can be used as a toy for children or as a stress outlet at the workplace. Squirms when bended.
PRICE : $6 a piece


Police Outfit

  ITEM : Police outfit
DESCRIPTION : Jacket with communicator, ticket pad, (empty) pepper spray canister, NYP badge, cuffs; helmet, whistle, watch and rubber night stick
PRICE: $35

Future Cop
ITEM : Future cop
DESCRIPTION : Joe Future Cop is a friendly officer but not if you are a criminal. Includes accessories: Electrostun device and Turbo Sleeze Pulverizer
PRICE : $8



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