contr. P.D. Zohrab:
Sex, Lies and Feminism

  Chapter 3 of 'The Millennium of Man':
Do women lie when they say "No"?


by: Peter Douglas Zohrab
The Truth on Domestic Violence

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"If you think that men are bad and women are good, and women are always victims when heterosexual sexual activity takes place, and rape is always the man's fault, then you should read no further. This chapter is not for you."

1. Anecdote
A most surprising thing happened to me: I was working on the second draft of this book, when I went to an inservice course, where a bunch of Feminists handed me the best disproof of the Feminist position on rape I could ever hope to find! In fact, this group of people (mainly women) is so determinedly Feminist (and left-wing, generally) that I almost had to pinch myself, and wonder if it wasn't some sort of set-up.
One topic which was covered during the one-day course was called 'Brain Sex', based on the book of the same name. After talking about a few of the differences between men and women's psychology which are mentioned in that book, the Facilitator, talking to the females in the audience, said something like: "You know what it's like when you tell your husband not to buy you a present for your birthday - and he doesn't !!" There was a chorus of patronising agreement from the mainly-female audience. So, of course, I jumped at the opportunity to say, "That's just like rape. The woman says 'No', and the man's wrong whatever happens." There was a surprised, but almost unanimous, reflex chorus of "No" from this same audience !!! (I might have added that he could end up in jail for making one choice, and lose his marriage if he makes the other choice.)

 This incident illustrates a number of points: One is that the Feminist insistence that a woman always means "No" when she says "No" is a downright lie - as Camille Paglia, though she calls herself a Feminist, has said. Many men have gone to jail because that lie has become official doctrine in some courtrooms. Another point is that allowing only Feminists to have serious input into Sex/Gender policies has resulted in a Society where women can have their cake and eat it too - while men are put into a Catch-22 situation.
And the other point that this anecdote illustrates is that the Politically Correct are perfectly prepared to deny obvious truths and enforce them by sheer weight of numbers. This is shown by the chorus of "No's" I got when my made my comment. To be fair, I could see at least one intelligent and rational woman in front of me had got my point - and I felt, on the next day, that my point had sunk in to some extent - so the "No" rection was probably the reflex reaction of people who recognise theological heresy when they hear it. But I should add that I had been preparing the ground for many years, with the gradual introduction of anti-Feminist heresies. If it weren't for that background, the "No" reaction would have been really unanimous and permanent, and I would have suffered detrimental consequences in the workplace for my heresy.

2. Two ways
There are basically two ways of looking at rape: trying to find more ways of saying how evil men are (the extreme Feminist approach); and trying to understand it and take informed action afterwards. Not suprisingly, I take the second approach to this topic.


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