contr. M.M. Braun:
Revealing Body Language

  Find out if people are lying to you
by analyzing their body language!


by: Mary Melissa Braun

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"The foundation of a person's nonverbal communication is his posture. How a the body is positioned in a chair often dictates arm and leg movements and, in some cases, even eye contact. Three inferences can be drawn from a person's posture: his level of interest, his emotional involvement and his level of confidence. In analyzing these three inferences, it is possible to detect if a person is lying or telling the truth."

Dynamic vs. Static
A truthful person:
An important assessment of a person's posture is the extent of change within the posture over the period of a 30 or 40 minute conversation. For a number of reasons, a truthful person will exhibit a variety of different postures throughout the course of a conversation. These postures will be appropriate given the content of conversation.

Left: A typical posture of a truthful person: dynamic, forward posture with the muscles relaxed. This lady is convinced that she is telling the truth.

A lying person:
A lying person, on the other hand, may assume an initial posture and never significantly deviate from that posture. It is theorized that the lying person is exerting so much thought and energy to generate verbal responses to your questions, that nonverbal communication becomes frozen. A static posture clearly reflects a lack of confidence within the person.

Right: A typical posture of a lying person: frozen, static posture, retracted position and crossed arms and legs. Notice the particular emotionally detached facial expression!


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