contr. A. Washington:
The Sores of Crime

  A heartfelt stance against statism
by a friendly sherrif
who really lays it on the line!


by: Al "Barney" Washington

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"What is crime and what are its causes? Unless you can answer these two questions, you will never be able begin to take the steps necessary to reverse the surge in crime we have witnessed in the past 10 years. The rise in crime has been a bull market of evil, going up one year, dropping off perhaps for a year or so, then taking off again to ascend to new records, leaving us with the only dividend it pays: a wake of death, destruction and property loss."

Two drastic solutions
There is little wonder many do not feel safe on our streets or safe even in their own homes. As you will see, this mushrooming of crime will continue in America as long as statism continues to grow. We could double the budgets for all of our police departments and it would not stop the evil process which has taken place over the last five decades - it would likely bring us a temporary drop in crime (such as the momentary lull which we reportedly have in 1997), but crime would only resurge and resume its steady climb to new highs. And, as you will come to understand, this bull market of crime will only come to an end when one of two things happen: when we begin the political process of heading back toward freedom in this country -or- when America collapses into totalitarianism. Only when we see one of these two events take place will we see the beginning of a bear market in crime: a steady, consistent decline in criminal activity.
Natural born killers: the first steps
As you look at a baby only a few months old, it seems impossible that such a child could gradually be transformed, over the years, into a criminal who would perhaps, some day, murder you. To most, it is incomprehensible the child could grow up to be some sort of monster, yet we all know this happens with some children. And when we look at a murderer, like Charles Manson, it doesn't seem possible he was ever like that innocent baby only a few months old. How does a human being go from the innocence of a child to the evil of a criminal? What process is behind this metamorphosis of a child into a criminal? What starts a child down the path to becoming a criminal? The answers to these questions will lead to an understanding of the origins of crime and why we have so much of it today.

Each of us comes into this world innocent, with a blank, empty mind, but one that quickly begins absorbing much about the world around him. He is beginning to develop ideas about what is true and what is right and wrong. As he gets older, he realizes he has the capacity of choice, to take one course of action or another and he realizes the only way to make a choice is to have a reason for choosing one course of action over another.
Every choice involves the necessity of the child, in effect, asking: "Which way should I go?" Some children, to the best of their ability, answer this question with a reason that seems to make sense, but this takes work, mental work, thinking which at times may be difficult. The fact that a child has to learn how to think, that it takes effort, leads some children to give up in frustration, saying, in effect, to hell with it, and they simply begin making choices based on their feelings. A spoiled brat standing before his mother, having a tantrum, yelling: "I just want it, give it to me now!" is an example of such a child. This is the first step toward criminality and the beginnings of irrationality in a child.

The child who acts on whim, not honest reasons to justify his actions, still cannot escape the awareness that he must have some reason, honest or not, to justify what he is doing. His nature as a human being does not permit him to be unaware of this. An honest youngster gives honest reasons, but it is a different matter for the child driven by whims: he needs rationalizations, not actual, honest reasons. And where does such a child get his rationalizations? Since this child does not engage in original thought, those rationalizations come from others: his friends, his teachers, his parents, from anyone in the world around him.


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